Meet Estefany

I want to humanize the experiences we have. I want to give people someone they can relate to in hopes to make them feel less alone. Together we can improve our mental health through dialogue and mindfulness. 

Estefany Herrera

A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, philanthropist & unshakable optimist dedicated to building human capital. 

Estefany Herrera is a mental health advocate, founder of Trust Your Vision. She has been featured in WeCeremony, a digital platform that uses storytelling to empower and celebrate women of color. She was awarded the first ever BeRemarkable award in California for her work with social youth initiatives. She was interviewed by iHeart Radio on the "Embrace Your Power" show on eradicating stigma.


Other notable works include working with Non-Profits in teaching inner-city kids about emotional intelligence and mindfulness. She is on a mission to uplift and impact human beings across disciplines to become the best versions of themselves.


She has worked with different companies to build human capital and has an unwavering passion to make the world a better place. Estefany also has a strong passion for philanthropy. She obtained her Master's degree from New York University in Global Affairs. 

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